¡Somos su solución biodegradable!

We are Natural Cleaner, a proudly Costa Rican company, friends of the environment, developers, producers and marketers of natural products for cleaning, laundry, cooking, pets, personal care and disinfection

Premium line

Line of concentrated products, with high yields and with the option of being dilutable in several parts. All our products are made with raw materials of natural origin, so we can clean and disinfect with the highest quality without contaminating our planet.

Personal care line

Focused on skin and hair care, while protecting the environment with biodegradable products of plant origin, organically grown and without contaminants, with properties and vitamins from natural extracts such as ylang ylang, aloe vera, chamomile, honey, oats …

Ready to use line

The Maker line is the domestic line, ready to use without sacrificing good quality, at a low cost without contaminating the environment.

Vegetable origin

Products made of plant origin, extracted from coconut and palm oil, without contaminants, not tested or used on animals


pH balanced, formulated with special softeners and non-aggressive detergents for the skin


We create solutions for glass or taps stained with calcium, solve bad odors and simplify cleaning, we also have a reuse and recycling program


Thinking about a healthy place to live, our products do not harm the environment, free of contaminants and toxic chemicals.

We protect your health and that of the planet!

Biodegradable products

Natural Cleaner, we are believers in the phrase "you start the change" with this, we try to take care of the environment, recycling, creating biodegradable products, saving water consumption and we also have as a priority to take care of the health of the inhabitants of this environment by creating products free of aggressive chemicals, with special softeners and non-aggressive detergents for the skin, with special aromas for relaxation and peace in the environment or, in the body. We don't just sell "more cleaning products", we provide cleaning solutions

Natural Cleaner on national television!

Watch our interview on the show Que buena tarde! of Teletica where we talk a little about our products

¡Natural Cleaner and Radio Urbano!

Next to Radio Urbano 106 and different companies we have collaborated in different Beach Clean up and Ciudad limpia, beach cleaning campaigns and garbage collection to help care for the planet

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Telephone: 4700 1323 / 2274 3262